A massage can be a very relaxing and healthy part of your wellness and fitness programs. In order for you to receive the very best care there are just a few bits of information that I think is very important to share with you before we begin.

First and foremost you should know that “Heavenly Touch by Grace” is strictly a Christian based massage therapy clinic. At no time will there be inappropriate, sexual behavior or language of any kind. In the case of such violation the massage will stop and the session will be ended without refund or the ability to reschedule.

All payments will be due prior to each session. Products are available for purchase at any time. Visa / MasterCard are excepted.

Draping- A sheet will be used to cover the client at all times. Only the part of the body that is being massaged will be exposed at any time. No Nude Massages offered. Generally the parts of the body that will be massaged include: Back, legs (front and back), arms, shoulders, head, neck, face, and glutes can be massaged if requested.

Client records will be kept on each client. These records will be kept confidential, no information will ever be shared or given out unless requested by the client’s general physician with the permission of the client. All such requests will be kept on file, in writing with clients signature.