Prenatal Massage

This gentle massage is perfect for keeping the new Mother feeling better and relaxed. This is such a delightful and nurturing way to enrich the prenatal care, especially with all the changes that are happening to her body. Prenatal massage can help relive pain in the lower back, neck and shoulders. The results are better sleep, improved circulation, increased mobility, and it also helps with stress and tension. Other benefits of prenatal massage may include reduction of swelling, leg cramps and headaches.

Each massage is costumed specifically for each Mother.  A Body Cushion is used with each prenatal massage. The “bodyCushion” is a high tech, high quality body positioning system designed to support the mother’s form in all stages of pregnancy.  Each Mother can decide which position is best weather it be side lying, stomach or back positions. Each can be used safely and comfortably.

For best results Mothers with high-risk pregnancies should consult their doctor or health care provider* before beginning any massage therapy treatments. Always, keep communication with your therapist open. Let them know if at anytime during the massage you are experiencing any discomfort.


60 minute massage – $75.00

*A doctor’s release is required prior to first prenatal massage.

“He uses these for healing and relieving pain; the druggist makes up a mixture from them.” Ecclesiasticus – Chapter 38:7