The same herbal formulations as is used for exclusive spa body wrap treatments, this aloe-herb gel contains aromatic vegetable substances that quickly penetrate the skin. The essential oils tone and energize the body while they move toxins from bulky fat cells to the inner lymph system. These toxins are flushed away by drinking water. Immediate size loss can be measured in fatty areas.

Aloe Body Wash should be used daily to keep pores clean to allow the solution to penetrate fast. Daily use will allow better penetration for up to 40% better size loss from body wrap treatments.

Apply the Body Wrap Solution Gel all over the body and cover with a layer of plastic film to hold the gel moist to the body for continued penetration for 45 minutes. Body warmth will activate the herbs and open the pores insuring the best results. Be cautious not to create heat to cause the body to perspire. The need is for the product to penetrate and that cannot happen if perspiration is coming out of the pores. Drink 3-4 liters of water during the following 24 hours. No need to bathe off the gel – it leaves the skin healthy, toned and soft.

The herbs stay in the body and keep working for three days. For continued size loss, drink 3-4 liters of water on the 2nd and 3rd day, then have another treatment on the 4th day. To keep lost inches from coming back, one must adjust eating to the new smaller size.


ALOE COMFREY GEL. 98% aloe vera coupled with vitamins A and E, this light gel is the most concentrated aloe vera available. It’s remarkable for relieving itch, burns, pimples, insect bites, canker sores, cuts and scrapes. Use as a shaving gel and after waxing to prevent ingrown hairs. Try on your toothbrush for “extra clean” gums and teeth. ALOE BODY WASH. “Enzyme active” aloe vera penetrates to deep clean every pore and remove dry surface skin with every bath. This blend of gentle coconut soap cleansers and conditioning amino acids removes clogged pore bumps and is favored for psoriasis. Safe for even baby’s skin, this herbal wash leaves no film on the skin or on the shower/tub walls.

BODY MASKING. Use MASKING POWDER and ALOE MISTING & MASKING LIQUID in equal proportions, mixed to a thin gravy consistency and applied lightly over rough and cellulite areas. The mask will deep clean pores and nourish underlying new cells to quickly replace older skin layers. Body masking is a favored treatment for salons and spas. It is easy to do at home with excellent results.

MOISTURIZING ALOE LOTION. 78% aloe penetrates this nourishing mixture of moisturizing botanicals, anti-oxidants and skin protectants for quick absorption without clogging pores. This rich lotion can be used after bath and swimming. For hands, face and body.

ALOE MASSAGE LOTION. The blend of “enzyme active” aloe and jojoba oil will penetrate, hydrate and provide lasting lubrication for massage. No nut oils or animal ingredients in this unscented lotion.Therapists can easily blend in aromatherapy or essential oils.

ALOE HEAT CRÈME. A massage cream with penetrating aloe and healing oils to provide temporary relief of sore muscles and stiff joints. Apply to chest and neck to clear congestion of colds and flu. This non-staining, antioxidant formula has a pleasant cinnamon smell. The most effective joint and muscle pain relief is quickly noticed if the entire muscle, from end to end, is covered with this light crème. Due to increased circulation, if the crème is applied daily for 3 months, most cellulite ripples will be gone.

d’ALOE GENTLE GEL. This pure 98% aloe, in a gel with anti-oxidant vitamins is for the most sensitive skin. No colors, no fragrances – only pure plant protein full of enzymes and con ditioning amino acids to penetrate and soothe in a most gentle way. d’ALOE GENTLE GEL is perfect for baby yet tough enough for acne conditions. The label reads that uses are for: acne,aftershaving, baby skin, hydrate after cleansing, non-oily hydration, elasticity, fine lines, foot irritation, itching, psoriasis, rashes, sunburn, restores skin resilience, revitalize eye area, shaving gel, skin firming, vaginal gel and wrinkles.

SUN PRODUCTS MOISTURIZING ALOE LOTION. Moisturize and nourish the skin with the luxury of “enzyme active” aloe, vitamins and healing oils. This concentrated lotion protects the skin from sun and wind damage while soothing the itch and dryness of overexposure. This concentrated aloe will naturally shield 90% of the suns damaging rays while it allows 75% of the tanning rays through to result in your best golden tan. (Contains no sunscreen.)

`MISTING & MASKING LIQUID. A cool, refreshing aloe mist to rehydrate any time. Non-staining, pure aloe vera penetrates to nourish without adding oils. The mist cools a hot sunburn and hydrates your skin with an invigorating spray to revitalize and energize any time of the day. Spray the mist when entering a hot car. Add hydration after bathing for new skin texture. Mist to set make-up.

ALOE COMFREY GEL. An aloe vera gel blended with vitamins and essential oils to naturally repair skin. The cellular activity in the deeper layers prevents the breakdown of elastic fibers and collagen that keep the skin youthful. Smooth over skin to relieve itch and cool sunburns instantly. ALOE STIC. High in vitamins and tea tree oil, this convenient-to-carry stick heals damaged lips, stops itching of bug bites for hours and slows recurring cold sores. It leaves no spotting or staining and stops acne eruptions. It has beeswax to protect cell membranes while the aloe heals chapped lips.

ALOE IN THE BATH ALOE BODY WASH. “Clean” has a new meaning. The aloe enzymes slough away dead surface cells while retaining and restoring moisture. Daily use will deep clean and open pores, eliminating clogged pore bumps. The body can then secrete toxins and natural oils to keep the skin and body healthy. This wash is a favorite to be used for hair and body. Since 1980, this has been the #1 product for repeat sales.

MISTING ALOE. “Enzyme active” aloe vera, misted over the body after bathing, restores vitality, elasticity and firmness to the tissues. Aloe will calm and normalize the skin, so mist whenever you need a moisture boost. Hot temperatures and dry weather demand frequent rehydration. Keep a travel size in the car during summer weather. No water — this is all aloe.

HEALTHY HAIR ALOE-JOJOBA SHAMPOO. This daily- use shampoo gently cleans and removes buildup caused by styling aids without stripping away vital moisture. It is safe for chemically treated hair. Aloe vera penetrates to bathe each strand of hair with conditioning amino acids. Legend tells that aloe and jojoba have long been used by desert Indians for keeping a full head of thick healthy hair.

HAIR AND SCALP CONDITIONER. This is an intensive hair and scalp treatment infused with rich protein conditioners and keratin botanicals. Daily use bonds the nutrients to the hair for strengthening and will nourish hair follicles for fullness of hair growth. After rinsing shampoo from hair, apply a small portion of conditioner, massage into scalp and the full length of hair. Do not rinse – style as usual. Safe for chemically treated hair.

ALOE COMFREY GEL. This light gel with 98% aloe vera can be used as a styling gel. It will reconstruct hair without adding weight. The gel will pamper dry hair and condition scalp and hair that is overexposed to swimming pool chemicals and sun. Aloe stops itching scalp problems.

HANDS AND FEET HAND MASKING. Masking the hands with the same MASKING POWDER and ALOE MISTING & MASKING LIQUID mixture used for facials and body masking gives dramatic results for chapped or chemically damaged hands. The mask exfoliates dry surface skin and penetrates the enzymes and product nutrients into the skin to speed the regrowth of healthy new cells. New cells replace brown spots with new skin that is hydrated, younger looking and firmer. Apply Cuticle Aid, then mask from the fingertips, up the arm and including the elbow.

CUTICLE AID. A non-oily cream abundant in “wound healing” aloe vera and vitamins. Apply to tender, torn and dry cuticles to moisturize and mend. It will not lift applied nails. A bit on the elbows will soften rough skin.

ALOE MOISTURE CREAM. Skin will have renewed elasticity with this conditioning cream. It is excellent for healing rough elbows, chapped hands and nourishing eczema patches. It is the preferred high vitamin finishing cream after salon masking applications.

FOOT AND CALLUS RUB. 60% aloe vera with vitamins A and E plus menthol gives a cooling and antiseptic quality that stops itching. It combats fungus and athlete’s foot, making it an effective treatment for odor-causing bacteria. Excellent for softening calluses and corns. Rub this soothing cream into the feet; feel the entire body relax. Use at bedtime for better rest and in the morning to keep feet from becoming tired.

MOISTURIZING ALOE MILK. Rich in humectants that create a healthy moisture content and anti-oxidants for fighting against free radicals, this milk can be applied generously and is absorbed quickly. This progressive formula provides active principles of synergy to soothe psoriasis, eczema and areas where skin restoration is needed. Apricot kernel oil, borage oil, lecithin and jojoba supply essential elements that are vital to the metabolism of healthy skin.

ALOE STIC. This convenient stick has 11% tea tree oil plus vitamins A, E and jojoba oil. Great for healing tender cuticles, cold sores, and chapped lips. It stops itching from insect bites for hours. Before putting on socks, apply to corns, bunions and cracked dry areas to comfort feet. Tea tree oil and aloe penetrate to repair cells. FACIAL PRODUCTS Necessary basics for flawless skin: thoroughly cleanse without stripping away vital moisture, tone without making the skin feel tight and moisturize without clogging the pores.

FACIAL CLEANSING LOTION. Enzymes and lecithin in this soap-free cleanser gently wash away dirt and excess oil. Aloe protects moisture levels and provides anti-oxidant benefits. Apply to moistened face and neck, then rinse with warm water.

ALOE ENZYME CLEANSER. This pure coconut/enzymatic cleaner will clean out clogged pores and exfoliate dead and dry skin cells. Lather a small amount with a bit of water in your hands before applying to wet face, neck and body. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Very effective for acne skin yet safe for baby – No colors – No fragrances.

MOISTURIZING ALOE MILK. Synergistic values of the highly nutritive oils and “enzyme active” aloe vera promote cell regeneration to revitalize the skin. Apricot kernel oil supplies a natural source of skin cancer fighting laetryl lipids. Jojoba’s emolliency provides smoothness without surface shine. Borage oil equals the GLA content found only in mother’s milk to supply collagen and elastin for better skin tone. This aloe milk penetrates quickly.

DAY-NIGHT EMOLLIENTS. Concentrated! Applied sparingly, this rich anti-oxidant cream will give dry skin renewed flexibility. Each cell is surrounded by lipid membranes that intercept vitamins, hormones, enzymes and amino acids. Humectants used (mucopolysaccharides in the aloe, sorbitol, avocado oil) will hold moisture to restore resilience and youthful freshness. Concentrated – so use sparingly. Holding moisture all day, making this the best emollient for dry patches. Use this emollient to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, and as a hemorrhoid ointment or a vaginal cream.

pH BALANCE TONER. No drying alcohol in this – only aloe vera and herbal extracts for closing enlarged pores, toning and strengthening skin tissues. This is a favorite after-shave. After cleansing, smooth this toner over skin with cotton or splash on and massage lightly.

ALOE COMFREY GEL. The 98% pure aloe is “enzyme active” and destroys bacteria and infection while aloe vera “wound hormones” promote healing. After a facial, waxing or shaving treatment, this light gel calms and normalizes the skin. Apply sparingly to acne and scarred areas. Mix into mask for a quick acne fix.